Life on the Road

Day 1 I got a late start out of Torrance on Tuesday but was determined to get on the road so I didn't procrastinate another day. After 2 hours I was out by Gorman but still 2+ hours from Carrizo Plains where I wanted to camp. I looked through my maps and found a few [...]

A Taste of Death Valley

Two weeks ago I headed out to the Death Valley Noobs Rally to remind myself what desert sand tastes like. The weather wizards forewarned us about high winds kicking up Thursday and Friday, and I had every intention of hitting the road bright and early Thursday. That would have been nice. Instead, I procrastinated some [...]

Escape to the Mountains

I’m about 7 weeks out from my departure date. I'd like to think I’m well prepared, but I’m sure my last days in LA will be hectic. The past few weeks I’ve been getting things in order at home, kitting out my bike, planning the specific details of my routes, and trying to wrap up [...]