Sell Everything and Hit the Road

This is the month! I’ve been busy checking off last minute tasks from my to do list, and I leave in about a week. I can’t help but feel a bit anxious as I wrap up loose ends and work obligations, just hoping I don’t forget anything important.

Most of my preparation has revolved around my bike and gear, but I had a few miscellaneous things to take care of too.

Part of that included getting LASIK eye surgery, which should vastly improve my extended camping experience (no more contacts or dirty fingers in my eyes). I also elected for a special injection in my wrist in an attempt to improve my scaphoid bone which never fully healed after a bad break 2 years ago. I’m hoping that it’s in good enough shape now to withstand the rigors of the trip.

Over the past month I sold my old ’69 Chevy El Camino and my ’83 BMW R100. I lost interest in the Elky part way through restoration, and my airhead was awesome but deserves daily attention. So I found new homes for both before I hit the road.

I’ve also been sorting out finances, vaccinations, insurance, and all the mundane aspects of long term travel you overlook until things get serious. It was also prudent I assess my beer collection to figure out what to drink now with friends, what to give away, what to age for another year.

And today was bike maintenance day. I helped out a bit at Valdi’s Motozone to get more familiar with the F800GS internals. The maintenance schedule was well timed, so I’ll have a freshly serviced bike ready for 6000 miles to Alaska. I gotta say, the Germans build a sweet bike but they make some things unnecessarily complicated. Who knew you had to expose the valves to even change your spark plugs?

BMW F800GS Service and Valve Check

Check back in a bit for the next update!

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